Frequently Asked Questions

What is Educate2Earn?

Educate2Earn is an innovative education platform that supports building your business by gaining direct access to real estate agents. The Educate2Earn process is simple and seamless. When you partner with us, you have a full library of workshops at your disposal. Once certified as an instructor, you will gain access to our continuing education (CE) course content.

Who should I contact to get started?

Feel free to send your questions to,

I am interested in adding Educate2Earn to my marketing plan. What does the pricing look like?

For questions about pricing, please reach out to

I’d like to see a sample of Educate2Earn’s materials. Can I download a sample?

Head back over to the homepage of this site. Once you are on that page for a few minutes, an option will pop up to download a sample of a workshop.

Each workshop and course comes with a teaching kit. What is contained in that kit?

The teaching kit includes:

  • Engaging course content delivered in an easy to use PowerPoint show format
  • A detailed facilitator’s guide with timing and delivery guidelines to follow
  • An interactive handout designed with adult-learners in mind
  • Professionally designed promotional flyers
  • Video advertisements for you to use on your social media accounts
  • Sign-in sheets and evaluation forms

How do I market an Educate2Earn event?

Every instructor’s kit contains a fillable marketing flyer that you are able to make your own! In addition to the flyer, each kit contains links to our social media commercials. Just copy the link and paste into your preferred social media platform.

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