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About Us

1. Lets start in 1994

In 1994, our founder, after over a decade as a loan officer, had an epiphany! Fred realized he could brand himself as a trusted educational provider through delivering continuing education to agents - his marketing efforts were humanized!

2. Fast Forward to 2009

After delivering hundreds of courses, Fred wanted to take this platform to a new level. Enter Rich, our co-founder, and E2E was born. Both Fred & Rich were passionate about empowering loan originators, and that's what they set out to do.

3. By The Year 2019

From 2009 - 2019, Educate2Earn became a key component of AmeriFirst Financial's marketing plan. Hundreds of loan officers used E2E to build agent relationships through our timless solutions.

4. ... And Today, We Want To Partner With You

We believe in challenging the Industry norm with our innovate suite of continuing education tools! Loan officers must leverage technology not hide behind it!

5. Humanizing Your Marketing

We believe in the power of humanizing yourself and your brand through turn-key educational resources, and tapping into our tool which consistently brings you face-to-face with agents.

6. Leverage The Power

We believe in leveraging the power of our relevant & timeless marketing strategies to brand yourself as a source of information, creating an edge and opening doors to new business! The sky's the limit!